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What are Jumping spiders?

Jumping spiders are very small, from 2 mm - 22 mm in size, and absolutely harmless for humans. With their tiny fangs most species are not able to penetrate human skin. Larger species like Phidippus rarely bite and can break the skin, but other than a little pain no lasting damage will occur.

With their over 5000 described species jumping spiders (Salticidae) make the largest family of spiders in the order of Araneae.

Jumping spiders don't spin a web, they use their silk for cocoons to sleep in, protect their eggs and, in colder areas, for hibernation. Most species also use a silky safety line when jumping.

Their name jumping spider refers to their method of making prey. They stalk or hunt their victims and when close enough jump onto them and kill them by injecting fast acting poison with their fangs.

Main characteristics for this spider family are the two frontal pair of eyes "oOOo", the mostly squad body shape and the short, strong legs.

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